This past weekend my fiancé and I took a trip back home to Austin for the Texas-Texas Tech game.  Austin is like “restaurant heaven” for us—the city is just chock-full of utterly amazing places to eat!

Since this was a very quick trip, we only had time to enjoy one of our favorites before heading to the game:  Hill’s Café.

Hill’s is awesome because not only do they serve delicious food, they also host the Free Texas Music Series on Wednesday nights on their outdoor stage.  Some of the biggest names in Texas Country—Randy Rogers, Stoney LaRue, Roger Creager, Reckless Kelly and Cory Morrow have played here.

Anyway, back to the food!  If there’s one thing I love in southern cooking it’s fried catfish.  It’s been my most favorite food since I was very young.  Naturally, no fried catfish is better than what my mom makes me every year for my birthday, but Hill’s is pretty darn good.

I ordered up the catfish platter with cole slaw and corn casserole… delicious!  The fish was crispy, yet flaky on the inside, and the tartar sauce-spot on!

My fiancé ordered what we believe is Austin’s “secret” best burger. They use these slightly sweet and soft-but-not-too-soft yeast rolls, and the patties are always fresh and perfectly cooked to order.  Rounded out with fried okra, this was a meal fit for a king!

Needless to say, we made our way to the pre-game tailgates very content and very full!  If you’re ever in Austin, especially on a Wednesday evening, I highly recommend giving Hill’s a try.